Why Choose Us?

What started off as a pantry makeover brought on by the pandemic lockdown morphed into something amazing. While trying to pass idle time by organizing her spices, Zee was inspired to start a small business and named it Spice it your Way. Spice it your Way draws its inspiration from simplicity and minimalism to help create products that give your home a refreshed look with a touch of style to guarantee an organized and aesthetically pleasing finish. Using her education in Nutrition and Food Science, Zee’s goal is to guide you towards a sustainable healthy lifestyle using her spices and ecofriendly homeware collection. Follow @spiceupyourhealth_ where Zee will provide you with nutritional tips and weekly recipe’s using our fresh spices and herbs.

  • Our Goal & Vision

    Spice it Your Way was formed with you in mind. Our goal is to make your experiences in the kitchen adventurous, experimental, and fun. It starts with our high quality, aesthetically pleasing vessels that represent our ecofriendly approach to spices. By saying good bye to disposable plastic containers, you’ll be free to enjoy the elevated experience that comes with using our products. Imagine the savory taste of basil, rosemary, or saffron--or the sweetness of ginger, lemon, or nutmeg when packaged in an elegant receptacle. Say goodbye to the mundane and get ready for an adventure!

  • Women Owned & Operated Business

    Spice it your way reflects socially progressive values, and was established as a woman owned and operated business. As society becomes more aware of the talents female entrepreneurs can offer, the entire business community grows and prospers as a result. We believe our diversity is reflected in our enlightened management philosophy and total commitment to excellence.