Middle Eastern Package One - Set of 12 Spice Glass Jars

Middle Eastern Package One - Set of 12 Spice Glass Jars

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The best way to increase the taste of your homemade food is through the use of middle eastern spices. These make your meals more savory and delicious. So, here is an online spice set collection of 12 glass jars containing 12 different middle eastern spices to add unique flavors to your dishes. Each jar has a wooden lid with a silicone ring seal that prevents spillage and ensures the spices remain fresh for a long time. So, it's time to relish your meals with an extra tinge of spiciness!

  • No sifter on lids; wide openings to fit measuring spoons easily
  • Pre-applied, oil & water-resistant labels
  • Hand washing is recommended. Please do not place the jars in the dishwasher.

Spice Included

7- Spice, All Spice, Bay Leaves, Cardamom Seeds, Cayenne Pepper, Cinnamon Sticks, Cloves, Cumin, Dried Mint, Kafta, Sumac, Turmeric, Za’atar.

Jar Dimensions

  • Diameter: 2 3/4"
  • Height: 4"
  • Volume: 8.11 Ounce
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