6 Spice Organization Tips to Make You Fall in Love with Cooking

September 27, 2022

Organizing your spice cupboard is one of the simplest yet daunting tasks in the kitchen. Things may go from organized to unorganized real quick! Nothing leads to chaos in the spice cabinets quite like cooking. With everything in disarray, you may not feel like entering your kitchen, let alone cooking. And therefore, we suggest organizing spice glass jars to bring back the lost inspiration.

1. Buy spice jars in different sizes.
Don’t limit yourself to standard jar sizes. Instead, invest in different sizes of jars ranging from small to large. You don’t necessarily need the same amount of cinnamon as garlic powder. Then why use the same size container for each one? Check out our bamboo collection.

2. Choose affordable jars to maintain consistency.
The biggest mistake is committing to jars that are so pricey that purchasing more of them as your cupboard grows will demand a significant expenditure. Similarly, purchasing cheap jars at the flea market isn’t a great choice because finding more would be impossible. Therefore, we suggest buying reusable, refillable, and affordable glass bamboo jars from Spice It Your Way. We even offer a pre-filled online spice set collection. Check below.

3. Use oil & water-resistant labels.
Nothing disrupts the cooking rhythm more than figuring out whether the jar you’ve picked is salt, sugar, or baking soda. This is where labels come into the role. These ensure you grab the correct container whenever you want to use a spice/herb in your food. First, however, you must ensure that the labels you use are oil & water-resistant and do not smudge/fade with heat & moisture.

Our spice glass jars come with pre-applied labels of your choice with oil & water-resistant ink so that you don’t have to worry about smudged labels.

4. Keep the spices handy.
It’s always nice to be able to see all of your spices at once. Right? Because otherwise, there may be few spices that may not be able to see the light of day. Therefore, the best way to keep all your spices handy and organized is by using spice liners in your cabinets. You may also use a 3-tier shelf to organize your spices for easy access & visibility.

5. Keep measuring spoons nearby.
Don’t stash your measuring spoons with the rest of your utensils. Instead, keep the measuring spoons in your spice cabinet for easy access. It will ensure maximized flow during cooking and keep the spices fresh for longer.

6. Introduce a few new, exciting spices.
When you use the same ingredients repeatedly, cooking might feel boring. But as soon as you add a tinge of a few exciting spices, the magic rekindles. You can try the Grill Package with 4 different BBQ rubs to make your dishes savory and spicy.


Sometimes all you need is a little organization! Follow the tips above to organize your spice cabinet and revive your love for cooking. We’re sure these tips will work well for you and get you back on track. Happy cooking!

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